March 2012

9 years, 9 months ago Cally wrote:

Firestorm started off March in the extreme. Two of our members decided to take part in the local Endurance 80 competition. This is an annual event, taking part across 50 miles of cross country terrain, starting and ending in Great Missenden. This event is a huge test of fortitude and stamina, and has to be completed within 24 hours!

Up for the challenge? They certainly were.

Joined by Iain from Cerberus, Andy and Ian went for it. Geared and fluorescent-ed up, they began. As a serious test of mental strength and physical ability it is a big one. One by one, they fell by the wayside, mentally and physically exhausted. Pushed to their limits, they did very well, and are up for another go, maybe next year…

This was followed by a very closely fought match at the pub quiz in Bierton. Split into two teams, Firestorm and Cerberus, we were hard up against the usual winners. By the end of the second section, Firestorm was only half a point behind the champions, with Cerberus sitting in the final spot.

With ten questions to go, we were 2 ½ points ahead…

Two questions to go, we were ½ a point ahead, one question matching, and everything hanging on whether a particular painting was in the Louvre or not…

It was! And Firestorm emerged – champions! Unfortunately, we lost everything on a question asking when the M25 was built, so we won no money, but left with the satisfaction of having won.

Poker Night at Andy and Lindsay’s was, for me, all about Lindsay’s homemade Focaccia bread (glossing over me losing, not once, not twice, but three times). With an initial bid of £3, and another £3 to buy another 1500 worth of chips, a battle commenced between Andy and Steve, Steve eventually emerging as the winner, taking home the winnings and saving himself a fortune.

At the Game Show Night, while answering seemingly unrelated questions from TV Shows, we discovered that Michael was, in fact, a girl, while at the weekend, Andy discovered some wild country at his Wild Country Training, on the best weekend of the year so far! It was on the Saturday night that we also helped out at the annual District Swimming Gala, held at Handy Cross – an event we attend every year.

We finished off March with a Wine and Cheese Tasting night, held at Andy and Lindsay’s house, with a large selection of wine and cheeses and Shloer for the drivers. Among the usual fare of cheddar and brie, there was the compulsory stinky blue cheese, an interesting nutty orange one and some wensleydale and cranberries – my favourite! A selection for everyone, except for Michael, who doesn’t drink wine and doesn’t like cheese…

March for us was fun packed and well filled – onto April, where we have sausage making, backwards cooking and a trip to the New Forest. Tally ho!