Pub Hike, 2012

9 years, 9 months ago Cally wrote:

February saw us take on our second pub hike after the success of the 2009 event. The premise is simple – start in High Wycombe and hike to Braid Wood near Chesham, with the small matter of drinking in all the pubs on the way.

A typically frantic morning saw us meet at pub no. 1, the Falcon in High Wycombe, for our first pint of the day. Cally was kitted out in brand spanking new hike boots while Steve had been left with an absolutely empty stomach following all the chaos – ideal preparation I’m sure you’ll agree! This situation was not improved by Ian and Martin tucking into large fried breakfasts!

Leaving the falcon we headed through Wycombe onto pubs 2 and 3, the Bootlegger and the Beach Tree respectively. So 3 pints down, we finally ventured off road as navigator Andy led us to the White Lion in Cryer’s Hill to a gentle chorus of abuse from Steve and special guest, Chris, that he may not have chosen the most direct route.

At the White Lion we were joined by Abi, and made ready for the long drag to the Full Moon in Little Kingshill. By the time we arrived the light had gone and to make things more exciting, snow had started to fall; much to the delight of Lindsay in the support car. Chris suddenly decided he had something on the next day so bailed at this point.

After a brief stop at the Nags Head, Missenden, the brave hikers battled through the on-coming blizzard up Frith hill to the blessed relief of pub no. 7, Annie Baileys and some welcome fish and chips.

The intrepid 8 of Andy, Alex, Courtney, Iain, Ian, Marianne, Martin and Steve then headed along the longest stretch of the hike all the way to Chartridge with only hills, snow and the whisky coming from a ‘fake pub’ at Pednor for company. Meanwhile Lindsay and Cally had traded reduced safety for comfort to drive to the hikers at pub 9, the Bell at Chartridge.

All this left only the Blue Ball at Asheridge, close enough to our target for the weary hikers to rest their feet and the inebriated to be sent to think about what they’d done – if they could get through the gate!

And when we woke? A glistening white panorama and only a few hangovers!

As the only ones on the site, we had unbridled access to the snow and, looking over a smooth, white, untouched, virgin field, there was only one thing we could do – build an eight foot snowman!

And a six foot snowball.

And half an igloo.

So, throwing off our hangovers, we set to work, successfully completing the first two tasks, but the snow proved too loose to complete the igloo, although it did hold together for just long enough to allow us to get a picture inside the half-finished article.