10 years, 1 month ago Cally wrote:

Ani and Jono’s Super Amazing Wibbly Wobbly Fun Leaving Night! And wibbly wobbly it certainly was.

Raftbuilding contains all of the important ingredients for a good Scout night – building things, destroying things and friendly rivalry. Not forgetting the water! Fired up by the hyperactivity and enthusiasm of our instructor, we shuffled into teams. Armed with large lumps of wood, some plastic barrels and some rope, our task was to create rafts that would carry us across the river to the island, first forwards, then backwards, and finally without paddles.

While one team got straight to it with some success, the other was held up by a lengthy debate on the orientation of their raft, before controversially deciding to build it upside down.

When the rafts were ready, the race began.

One, two three, they’re off! Before the first length had been paddled “Upside Down Raft Team”, or UDR, had already lost one team member to the water! Courtney, having complained bitterly about not wanting to get her new shoes wet, was in! In the ensuing confusing, during which Courtney had managed to climb back on and promptly fallen off the other side, the “Right Side Up Team”, or RSU, had completed their laps successfully. That’s when the shenanigans began…

Ian and Iain, jealous of the other teams’ ability to defy Lord Health and Safety, decided to take the UDR to bits, with its’ occupants still upon it. The sabotage resulted in bit of raft floating away amid cries of “save the rope” from the instructors, and all team members in the water.

But where was Jono? The observers on the bank looked about anxiously for any sign of him, when suddenly… WHOOSH! Up leapt Jono underneath the RSU, pushing upwards against the raft in an attempt to capsize them! Chaos ensued as members of the UDR attempted to drag the RSU’s into the water.

The evening ended with a photo call, which ensured that everyone was thoroughly soaked. It was at this point that we realised the pub was calling, and we shuffled off the way we had come.