North Wales Weekend

10 years, 1 month ago Cally wrote:

After a long and winding detour through the wilds of Shropshire we arrived at our sunny Welsh campsite to find it was dark. And rain. And really, really windy…

Vaulting the puddles led us to some surprisingly firm ground to set up the tents. It was at this point that we concluded that having an 8ft high family tent in 60mph gusting winds was in fact an excellent idea.

Four broken poles and nine hours later we grabbed the Snowdon Sherpa. Two of our members, Aussie duo Ani and Jono, had never been to Wales, so were mightily impressed by the size of Mount Snowdon, even if they couldn’t tell which cloud contained the summit.

While ascending the Pyg Track, we had plenty of time to play our new game “Snowdon Eye-Spy”, where points are awarded for spotting people in inappropriate clothing. Steve was pleased with his quadruple point score of one chap wearing trainers, jeans, a poncho and a carefully concealed drawstring bag. At the summit, Jono was so excited by the view of the Menai Strait and the fact that there is a train station at the top that he fell asleep.

For the descent we eschewed the simple path and chose to scramble down instead. Fortunately, no one important fell off and was maimed. A quick stroll along the Miners Track and we were back to the bus and then to the camp.

Chef Cally had whipped up one of her “special” spag bol’s to refuel the tired walkers in preparation of another busy day. And another stormy night…

Sunday saw us driving over to Anglesey to sample some more of this wind stuff. Beaumaris Castle proved to be a good place to shelter and featured a medieval fighting demonstration. The black knight was robbed! The we went off to Red Wharf Bay for a spot of kite flying (and people flying!) until the tide started to come in, fast, to try to cut us off from the cars.

Bank Holiday Monday was a stop off in Betws-y-Coed for a quick shopping trip before the journey home – just in time for tea!