Quotes Board

“I’ve done a four hour gym session today – I’m allowed a pint of wine!” – Chris

“You’re all rubbish… And I’m special” – Steve

“Sorry, I wasn’t listening to you, I already knew what my answer was” – Alex

Andy – “I didn’t want to be harsh.”
Steve – “Don’t worry, I was there to take up the slack!”

“Arrrgh! That was a pre-emptive 'Arrrgh’ !” – Steve after Alex gaffer taped his leg.

“What does Steve need a girlfriend for? He’s got cheese!” – Michelle is unsure that women and dairy products can co-exist peacefully in Steve’s brain.

“I can’t believe you just threw a frijj at his penis!” – Andy joins his fellow sex when it comes to damaging parts of their anatomy.

“Michelle doesn’t like the chocolate bomb” – James.
“Well she’s wrong” – Andy.

“Just think of him as a meatloaf slimmed down” – Alex.
“What, like a veggie-loaf?” – Steve.

“What? Weren’t you paying attention in the 1950’s?” – Steve

“When are you leaving the county? I don’t understand why you are still here!” – Michelle on Alex’s leaving plans.

“It’s alright, there’s no-one here” – Alex, turning up the volume on The Witchdoctor.
“I’m here!” – Steve, less than impressed.

“Was it as good for you as it was for her?” – Steve.
“I’m freezing” – Michael.

“They hired the cheapest they could get” – Michael.
“They should have called me!” – Alex.

“Above nipple height” – Michael.
“That’s as up as it goes!” – Andy.

There are two types of fool. Those who have never done Endurance80 and those who have done it twice” – Japanese proverb (adjusted)

“It’s terrible when you look through Chris’ legs and see his face” – Andy

“Beavers too wet” says man.

Nina – “Look at Andy! It’s horrendous!”

“Is that guy in the wheelchair just walking around?” – Lindsay

“I love my boobs!” – Em

“ A realy man gets a car, not a Ka!” – Michelle to Andy II

Michael – “I’m on fire! I’m on fire!”
Andy – “No you’re not, no you’re not!”
Michael – “Cool.”

James – “Get a f**king paper round.”
Steve – “Get a job at Homebase, you could be his boss in a week.”

“You know when you’ve been Peppered!” – Chris

“Hello Mate!” – Chris

“Chris is going to park your sister” – Alex to Lindsay.

“I want to whittle a beaver” – Michael